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Joognu Weavereaver helps you weave captured memories in a storyline and gift it to your child
when the time is right.

Why Us?

8 Commandments of Joognu

JOOGNU is a firefly. It’s the only bio-luminescent known to mankind. The one which glows from within. We at JOOGNU believe, that when a parent shares his or her memories with the child, it spreads happiness, hope and most importantly a glow.

JOOGNU allows you to keep memories with your child alive in various digital forms and create memory timeline. You can Write a Diary, Store Photographs, Capture Videos, Upload Documents and even Log a Prayer for your child.

There are multiple beautiful features for you to experience once you enter the magical world of JOOGNU. At the end of a selected tenure of your choice, you can hand over the keys(password) of your feelings to your child to read, listen and see.

Respect Privacy

Respect Privacy:

When you do Joognu, no one except you can access the memory trove. We respect your privacy and shall always do.

Make It Beautiful

Make it beautiful:

Our features are exclusively designed. We are not just utilitarian driven, we also strive to achieve your likeliness for our offerings.



Calendar navigation, “HELP” tab on every page, advance search, drag and drop, Multiple uploads, album option and other tools to help save time.

Customer Service

Customer service:

We are here to resolve your queries in 48 working hours. No technical snags to bother you.

For Life

For Life:

We are not here for the early years only. We cater to your needs till you decide to give all your memories to your child when he or she grows up to be an adult.

To Be Gifted

To be Gifted:

We will keep that in mind always as that would decide the new features, platforms and designs to be offered from time to time.

One Stop Solution

One Stop Solution:

Get all the old and the new platforms at one place. Scattered memories do not make a good story to tell.



Associate with the best & deliver the best.

Space 2GB: Refer it your friends and get upto 5GB Free.

Joognu is Safe and Secured

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